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A targeted treatment, remedial massage focuses on treating muscles that are damaged, tense or immobile. It can help address a number of health problems related to muscles, tendons and even bones.

Remedial Massage is usually recommended to take in combination with chiropractic treatment for effective and faster results. By releasing stress and joints that are restricted, it further helps the chiropractor for adjustments.

Hand in Hand: Massage & Chiropractor Care

Our muscular-skeletal system consists of soft tissues, muscles and tendons that merge together to work for optimal mobility. Working hand in hand helps to maximise its effect and promote overall well being of an individual.

While chiropractic treatments are directed more towards areas within the spine that become misaligned and inadvertently affect the nervous system. Remedial massage compliments chiropractic care because massage therapists help in releasing tension and get patients in a more relaxed state. Even though both can be used in conjunction with each other, chiropractic care and massage can also benefit  in their own unique ways.


The advantages of going for a remedial massage range from short term to long term where our therapists can work with you and advise how often you should be receiving it.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Restoring blood supply to the joints to make them more mobile
  • Alleviates recurrent pain
  • Improves posture
  • Helps with insomnia